Can A Presidential Candidate Ever Be A Model Citizen?

Before the dawn of the internet and social networking, if someone wanted something to be known, they needed to go to the press. If they didn’t want something to be known, they didn’t talk to the press. Secrecy was much easier. Nowadays we know it’s a different story. People know anything and everything about someone. So, have we just gotten worse as humans or is just that everything’s brought to the surface?


There’s no doubt this election is awful, on both sides. Nobody should be standing tall beside either candidate. Why? Let’s see, one side had to go before congress for her actions in a past job. The other has been accused of sexually assaulting women. The very fact that either of these stories are out there should tell you that both sides are bad. But should we believe 20, 30, 40 years ago people were just proper and dandy?

John F. Kennedy was known to be a womanizer, even inside The White House. Could you image if Twitter was around then, what else would the public know? Can we honestly expect anyone to have 0 skeletons in their closet when anyone with any power generally takes advantage of it? A study from Berkeley found that people in management often took advantage of their position. For instance, in one study they gave authority to one person in a room. Then they placed a plate of cookies in the room. When there was only one cookie left, the person in charge took it.


So if you’re not following along, people tend to take advantage where they can. Can we actually expect a completely innocent candidate ever again? So long as social media is a thing and the person has a pulse, my money is on no.

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