Cannes Film Festival Has An Adult Section?

Cannes Film Festival is widely known as a film festival that features exceptional movies of all genres. Love, a film in this year’s festival, might add a new category, pornography. This 3D movie has more than a little sexual content. It’s expected to be the raciest film to ever be screened at the festival.

The movie is about a man who looks back on a two year affair with a woman who has just gone missing. The director, Gaspar Noé, was going for the audiences pants, “With my next film I hope guys will have erections and girls will get wet.” It is going to set the bar high for raunchy films, but personally I’d expect a heavy number of similar submissions to festivals in the future. Makes you wonder, whats next in cinema?

Love – Opening in France July 15, 2015



Note: There is an unrated poster for this movie. We linked it here. (Don’t open at work! It’s intense, and not in a good way.)

Here is the director himself along side producers at the premier at Cannes Film Festival.


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