Why The Cavaliers Aren’t Done Yet

The Cavaliers first two games of the NBA finals haven’t gone quite to plan. They lost game 1 by 15 points and then game 2 by 33 points. The scary thing about those two blowouts was that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson haven’t done much either. In the two games, Curry has only scored 29 points combined and Thompson only 26. Players like Draymond Green, Shaun Livingston, and Leandro Barbosa have really stepped up.

On the other hand for Cleveland it’s been the opposite. LeBron has done what he can but he isn’t getting much help from other players. Kevin Love left game 2 with a concussion, so that doesn’t look promising for Cleveland. BUT I assure Cleveland fans this series isn’t over just yet and to look at the positives.


Cleveland should look at it as a positive that they’ve been able to contain Curry and Thompson thus far. It’s going to be hard for the backup players to continue to play this well, especially on the road. We all know LeBron is going to come out game 3 like a man possessed and you better believe he’ll have his team ready to play. The Cleveland fans will be very loud and won’t be ready to give up hope just yet. All it takes is a game 3 win to bring the confidence back to Cleveland and make this a series again.

Sure, Cavaliers lost two in Golden State, but did any opponents play well there this year? I understand if Cavaliers win this series it means they’ll have to win at least one game there, but if they play to their potential they’re more than capable of doing so.


So even though this series has looked extremely lopsided so far, I’m here to tell the fans of Cleveland to turn into “Believeland” You guys still have the best player in the world on your team and you’ve been able to contain Golden State’s best players. All it takes is a game 3 win (which I strongly believe Cleveland will do) and then momentum will shift.


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