Charlie Sheen is winning! Today is his birthday!

Chuck Sheen! The man made of tiger blood and cheap women. The man who recently brought forward his unfortunate news of having HIV. He’s always led a wild life and not really given a shit what anyone thought about it. Well, this tough, crazy son of a bitch turns 51 today… winning!

Let’s look back at that epic interview from 2011. Yeah, has it been that long already? His career has seen many ups and downs. He had his first stint in rehab in 1990. He went back into rehab in 1998 following his father, Martin Sheen’s wishes. He then returned again in 2010, some help that one did right? All of course with run ins with police peppered in between.

He has a new movie coming later this year. Nine Eleven, it follows a handful of people (including Whoopi Goldberg) trapped in an elevator in one of the towers.


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