Chris Brown is… uh, gangster

The rap world is all about being a bad ass. Slinging drugs and shit like that. It makes you more legit somehow. Well, Chris Brown is apparently still working on his street cred. It appears early Tuesday morning Chris pulled a gun on Baylee Curran, a friend of Brown’s. What a gangster right?

She alleges that it was after she touched a diamond necklace a friend of Brown’s was selling. First off, what is this, a swap meet? Who is selling necklaces at a house party? And since when can you not touch the merchandise. Kick the tires if you will. Moments after touching the necklace she was shouted at by the salesman. Then Chris Brown pulled out his gat. Told her to get. He also tried to make her sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Of course, this could all be bullshit. That’s a given. But this is Chris Brown we are talking about… not Bruno Mars (because he’s 4 feet tall, who would be afraid of that little guy!?).

Watch this video, at the end when they ask Baylee about drugs and booze. She doesn’t want to disclose that. As if they need to verify that.

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