Clips Make Great Trade; A Little Too Late


The Clippers have acquired Lance Stephenson from the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Matt Barnes and Spencer Hawes.  Some have questioned if this is was a good move.  Those people are crazy.  Here are some reasons why:

Lance Stephenson is good, remember?

Stephenson can’t shoot.  We know that.  He was awful last year. That’s true as well.  However, he had two great years in Indiana before last year’s disaster.  Stephenson is a triple double threat every night.  He lead the league in the 2013-2014 season.  He’s also a very tough perimeter defender.  One of his biggest strength is annoying the opposition and limiting their effectiveness.  Stephenson is a lot like a former 76er player named Andre Iguodala.  He was another guard who could’t shoot but did everything else well.  What’s he up to?

Spencer Hawes Contract is Gone

Spencer Hawes was a bigger disaster than Stephenson.  The Clippers signed him to be a key role player on their team full of stars.  If he could just be an average player he would be huge coming off the bench.  Instead, he was one of the worst players in the league.  He was still signed for another three years too.  If they got nothing in return it would be a good trade.  This was the highlight of his season:

Stephenson Fills Their Biggest Need

What the Clippers lacked the most last year was a perimeter defender with size and toughness.  Their best defender was their point guard.  Matt Barnes was definitely tough but due to his age wasn’t that good of a defender anymore.

Matt Barnes was better for the Clippers than people thought.  However he was never as good as Stephenson could be.  Lance can be kind of an ass but the Clippers hope Doc Rivers can rein him in like Frank Vogel was able to.  The only downside is that the Clippers almost made this trade in the middle of the year.  If they had, maybe they would be playing tomorrow.

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