Clownin’ Around: Clown Frenzy in America

It was a year ago around this time that a wave of clowns took the nation. From Tennessee to New Jersey, people are causing a frenzy in the public once again.

Clowns in LA?

Clowns can be very alarming to most people. There is a frenzy on whether this should be taken lightly or seen as a serious threat. If you were to jump on social media, you would see some posts suggesting fun.. and others suggesting violence. A twitter hashtag is becoming very common: #ifiseeaclown

Too far?

Tony’s take on this? Some of these clowns could be nice folks, who are just trying to give a good scare in the spirit of Halloween. Others will use this social media wave to break the law. Common sense would be if you see a group of these clowns be careful. Tony would suggest, “RUN THE OTHER WAY!” We hope this social media wave is just clowns clownin’ around. Best bet is the America will be seeing a lot more clown encounters and social media activity until Halloween is over.

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