College Football Saturday

Well, summer is coming to an end, but is that a bad thing? No! Because now we have college football to wake up to on Saturday morning’s! I don’t know about you guys, but this time of year always gets me giddy! Football is on TV again, Halloween is just around the corner, and all the white girls post pumpkin spice latte photos. Just what a time to be alive.

The last part doesn’t get me as excited, but you get the point. This opening weekend of College Football couldn’t be starting any better with one of the most¬†anticipated matchups of the season, Alabama Vs USC. The moment people heard this was going to be a game, they’ve marked it down on their calendar. So let’s take a look and we can give you our opinion on this matchup.


Alabama comes into this game #1 in the country, while USC sits at #19. This is one of those situations where if USC gives Bama a fight, they could lose and still move up in the rankings. If USC has any chance to beat Alabama they’re at least playing the right game to do so, Alabama’s first game and on a neutral field. But unfortunately for USC, I don’t think they stand a chance.

Nick Saban is way too good of a coach and he’s going to have his players ready for this game. Let’s also not forget Lane Kiffin is Alabama’s offensive coordinator, also known as USC’s old head coach. He’d love nothing more than to pour it on his old team.

There’s been reports that Alabama’s defense this season is suppose to be good enough to almost be a pro defense. So you can expect USC to have trouble moving the ball this game. USC is a going to probably be better this season than last, but what’s scary is Alabama might be also. Don’t even hesitate on this one and take Alabama giving the points and win yourself some money this beautiful Labor Day weekend.


Tony’s Pick: Alabama -12.5

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