Our Comprehensive 2016 MLB Preview

The 2016 MLB season starts tomorrow, this year with three games on opening day rather than the usual one. It’s a great idea giving us a whole day of baseball before the rest of the league starts their season Monday. We’re sure this will be another exciting year full of surprises and disappointments. Her’es our preview of the upcoming 2016 season:

Division Winners


Al East – Toronto Blue Jays



David Price is gone and he’s joined their chief competitor in Boston, but Toronto still has the best lineup in baseball which will carry them to another AL East title.

AL Central – Detroit Tigers


The Tigers added a top level starter in Jordan Zimmerman and another dangerous hitter in Justin Upton. These new additions will help them get past the Royals and Indians.

AL West – Houston Astros


The Astros should have won the AL West last year. With all of their young talent they’re only getting better.

NL East – Washington Nationals


The Nationals were heavy favorites to win this division last year but they didn’t. Maybe without the expectations they’ll play better.

NL Central – Chicago Cubs


Picking anyone else in this division just wouldn’t make any sense.

NL West – San Francisco Giants


The Dodgers should give them trouble, but the Giants shored up their biggest weakness from last year in the offseason.



AL – Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)


Trout is clearly the best player in the American League and he has been for four straight years.

NL – Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks)


Goldschmidt has been one of the best players in the NL the last few years. If his team wins more games, as expected, he’ll be in the MVP conversation.

Cy Youngs


AL – Chris Sale (Chicago White Sox)


Chris Sale gets better every year. If he continues that trend he’ll win the Cy Young.

NL – Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)


Someone else could win this award, like last year’s winner Jake Arrieta or the Pirates’ Gerrit Cole, but Kershaw is always the smart pick until he has an ERA over three.

Rookies of the Year


AL – Blake Snell (LHP, Tampa Bay Rays)

Snell will start the season in the minors but he’ll get his chance to start at some point this season and he has all the tools to succeed early.

NL – Corey Seager (SS, Los Angeles Dodgers)

Seager is the consensus top prospect in the game and there’s no question about his playing time.

Best Free Agent Pickup


AL – Jordan Zimmerman (RHP, Detroit Tigers)

Zimmerman has been consistently good. That’s an important quality in a starting pitcher.

NL – Ben Zobrist (Everything, Chicago Cubs)

Zobrist can play anywhere on the field and still perform. He’s older but he should still give them a few good years while the Cubs make a run at a championship.

Most Disappointing Free Agent Pickup


AL – Ian Kennedy (RHP, Kansas City Royals)

Kennedy has had some good years but he’s incredibly inconsistent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets hurt or throws his way out of the rotation.

NL – Zack Greinke (RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks)

Greinke will still be great in Arizona but he’s not as good as his numbers in LA. Arizona gave him way too much money.

Surprise Team


AL – Cleveland Indians

We picked the Indians to go to the World Series last year and that prediction blew up in our face. But we still believe in their talent. A full year of Francisco Lindor and their deep rotation will put them in contention this year.

NL – Washington Nationals

We were going to pick the Diamondbacks but we just heard the terrible news about A.J. Pollock. We have the Nationals winning their division which would be a surprise to some.

Most Disappointing Team


AL – Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox added David Price and Craig Kimbrel so people are expecting better things this year. But they’re expecting a lot from some still very young hitters.

NL – New York Mets

After last season’s postseason run, everyone was quick to anoint the Mets’ rotation as the best of all time. They’re good but a little overrated. The lineup is still very flawed as well.

World Series


AL – Toronto Blue Jays


NL – Chicago Cubs


Winner: Blue Jays

The Cubs break their World Series appearance drought but the World Series win drought continues. Canada needs this though after being shut out of the NHL playoffs.


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