Congratulations Blackhawks! Now Go F**k Yourselves

Why did they have to win again? Why won’t this team just go away? Don’t they win every year? After their win tonight, they have now won The Stanley Cup three times in six years. There’s no denying they play great hockey but still, they’re so hate able. Here are some reasons why:

No Loyalty to their Goaltenders

This is the most important position in hockey yet the Blackhawks don’t seem to care about it. Instead of being punished for their arrogance, they have been rewarded with three Stanley Cups. After winning their first championship, they let goalie Antti Niemi walk in free agency. They replaced Niemi with a combination of Corey Crawford and Ray Emery. ¬†After a couple years and another Stanley Cup win, the Blackhawks let Emery go. This was understandable as Crawford was the better goalie.

Now, Crawford has led the Hawks to another cup. So what’s the problem? Some think the Blackhawks¬†should let Crawford go so they can continue to pay for their other stars. I don’t think that will happen but the Blackhawks are the only team who would even consider it.

That Awful Song They Play After Scoring

I understand that scoring a goal is worthy of celebration. Playing a fun song will really get the fans into it. So why did they pick that song? If I was a Hawks fan, I wouldn’t even want them to score if I was at the game. Hearing it in the background through the TV is bad enough. I can’t imagine being there hearing it pumped through a stadium sound system. It’s almost if the Blackhawks are taunting hockey fans. You’re already upset they scored on your team. Why do they have to annoy you with that song?

This City Already had the Bulls

You shouldn’t get to have two dynasties in a twenty year period. It’s just not fair. The Kobe Lakers had two different championship runs but the Dodgers haven’t won since the 80’s. The Los Angeles NFL team hasn’t even won a regular season game in twenty years. This is too much success for one city.

Kane and Toews look like Children

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are, without a doubt, amazing players. They don’t look like your stereotypical hockey players though. They get by less on toughness and more on skill. We want our champions to look like bad asses. We want to be afraid of them. Kane and Toews just look like normal guys. Who would be afraid of them?

Patrick Kane Punched a Cab Driver


We said Kane doesn’t seem like much of a tough guy. Around six years ago he got tough with a cab driver though. After the cab driver did not have the correct change, Kane punched the Cabbie. Felony charges were dropped but Kane plead guilty to lesser charges. Never Forget.


Enjoy the victory Blackhawks fans. Also, enjoy the fact that everyone hates your team. Let’s hope the Kane and Toews contracts destroy the team and they have to suffer through multiple losing seasons together.


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