Could this be the future of male Contraceptives?

Because, well, guys basically don’t have to do anything.

Okay, so you are well aware of your girlfriend’s birth control. You probably remind her every night to take it. Unless she is the type to just pray to God that a swimmer doesn’t sneak past the goalie. Well, looks like the tables could turn here on the guys.

Thanks to some guy inventing this on/off switch for your bean bag, guys could now have control of what their packing down there. No don’t take that as your junk can grow, but as that you can have a bullet chambered or not, with a simple switch.

Where is that switch you might ask? Inside of you, like that Aldous Snow song! Yes, you read that right, the switch would be internal, against the skin. Gross? Yeah, a little bit! But, at last, it would be open season… so to speak. Your jizz pipeline would be at a standstill. Would you have this… installed?



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