The Current Rumors Regarding The iPhone 7 Are Actually Impressive!

It’s no mystery that the iPhone 7 announcement is imminent. It is likely, and what I mean by likely is, it will be revealed at WWDC in June. Let’s take a look at what we can expect to see both under the hood and on the outside of the phone. We all saw the unveiling of the iPhone SE, it left everyone underwhelmed to say the least. This one on the other hand is highly anticipated. Let’s see what were in store for!iphone_7_concept


It seems like waterproofing is finally going to be a thing. Not sure why this isn’t a bigger deal to people. You can finally take your phone in the pool, the ocean, whatever! And I don’t care about the “water proof” cases, I’ve found those to be pieces of shit.  But, of course if the phone is waterproof, most people won’t trust it. I know one of our writers has the new Galaxy S7 which is water resistant and he keeps it dry at all times. Lame.

Fun fact, if you’ve got the 6s, you might already have a near waterproof phone. As you can see in this video it’s pretty much water proof, why Apple didn’t mention it? Who knows, but maybe we are actually heading towards a formal announcement of waterproof devices…

Headphone Jack

That’s my favorite feature at the moment, been waiting for it in fact. It might mean this phone is going to suck for you too if you don’t like that one. But let’s press on. The headphone jack, it’s going bye bye. Believe it or not but that thing takes up a lot of precious space and in fact is the reason the phone is as thick as it currently is. This also indicates wireless headphones, perhaps we are going the direction of the movie Her… hopefully, you might be forced to connect via lightning adapter… that would suck.


So, another thing I guess some people care about is the thickness. It will get thinner if they do in fact dump the headphone jack. So there you go. That battery life will improve around 12.5 % too, not going to see any big jumps on battery life for a year or two. Even after Apple acquired a wireless charging company, it is probably something you’ll see on the 7s or maybe even the 8 unfortunately.


Camera! The camera is getting an overhaul and you can expect it to capture images at near DSLR quality. A potential game changer for all you Instagram photographers out there…

Breakdown between phones

Let’s look at the differences between the standard 7, which is the size of the 6s, and the 7 Pro, which is the size of the 6s Plus. Yes the bigger 7 has been dubbed the 7 Pro by techies. One big reason is the 7 Pro is expected to have a dual camera. That means the back of the phone, will have two cameras. If you’re not sure why it needs that, let’s just say it greatly improves the photo quality. Next. The 7 Plus or Pro will have smart connectors like the iPad Pro. Allowing you to connect keyboards and other devices.

There’s been talk of a flush home button. That would no longer be a button. But that hasn’t been mentioned by the tech nerds as of yet. It might be seen on a future phone. A good thing about that, well when it happens, would mean that the phone could finally be a screen through the bottom of the phone. Yea, that would bump up the size of your Netflix show!

So there you have it, those are the rumors for now. This looks good enough to be an iPhone 7. What do you think, will you be getting one of these in October?

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