Dak Prescott Vs Tony Romo

One of the biggest stories in the NFL right now is the Dallas Cowboys. They’ve started the season 5-1 and have done this without all-pro quarterback Tony Romo, who is scheduled to be back sometime in the next few weeks. Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has already said Romo will be the starter. Do you agree with this? Because I sure as hell don’t.

Let me repeat this “the Cowboys are 5-1 this season with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott”. Why would you want to change what’s working? Also, let’s be serious, what has Tony Romo even done for the Cowboys lately? He didn’t look very good last year when he was injured and it’s not like he’s been some god for their franchise. He’s only got a 2-4 lifetime record in the playoffs. So I think it might be time for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to move on. If we were talking about Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Ben Roethlisberger then that’s a different story. But all we’re talking about here is Tony Romo.


Prescott just became the first rookie to throw 1,000 pass yards before his first interception. The guy has proven he can carry this Dallas team. His only loss came because Terrance Williams didn’t step out of bounds to stop the clock, which means Prescott could easily have this Cowboys team 6-0. But despite all of this going on, I do give Dak a lot of credit. He’s been handling this situation like a pro and even said he respects and understands the fact that this is Romo’s team. But Cowboy fans you better hope this becomes “Dak’s team” very soon if you want to see your Cowboy’s succeed. Now that I’ve given my rant on this situation who do you think should be the starter once Romo is healthy? Give us some feedback and comment below.

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