Dan Bilzerian Bets Big On A…Bike Ride?

Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian is training with once well renowned cyclist, Lance Armstrong. Why? Well, the gambling man Bilzerian has bet $600,000 that he could bike from LA to Vegasā€¦ about 300 miles in 48 hours.

This is certainly no easy feat.Ā Bilzerian is widely known for his Instagram posts that typically include women in scantily clad clothing. Perhaps this is in effort to expand his audience… Has he maxed out on his fans of just half nude women?

Personally, I think he should be able to do it, unless he really is all glamour muscles. He is an in shape guy, maybe if he really needed to, have them dangle an escort on a string in front of him… that would for sure get him there in due time.


I bet 600 thousand that I could bicycle from LA to Vegas in 48 hours, it's over 300 miles, I haven't been on a bike in…

Posted by Dan Bilzerian on Friday, February 19, 2016

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