Dan Bilzerian, Monster or Legend?

You have probably heard of this bearded, woman loving, gun slinging man by now. If you haven’t, welcome to the internet. He’s been named the biggest douche as well as crowned the ultimate man. He sure lives a loud life that has many looking and many jealous. A normal post on his Instagram, which has over 8 million followers would be 3 or 4 half nude women alongside him holding a gun. I don’t speak for everyone but that doesn’t sound half bad to me.

You may have seen the movie Lone Survivor, which he was in. Not many people know he loaned the production a million bucks, in return he had to be in the movie for at least 10 minutes and have no less than 80 words. If you saw it and remember him you will remember he only had about a minute or two on screen. Therefore he has a lawsuit for breach of contract? This is just one of his many stories.

We gathered a few photos and thought we’d ask you guys, Dan Bilzerian, Monster or Legend? Comment below!

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See how Dan Bilzerian does Electric Zoo here! You’d want to be on his guest list that’s for sure!


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