D’Angelo Russell is Making the Lakers Relevant Again

The Lakers are in the news again (for all the wrong reasons). This crazy story has gone beyond the sports world. Everyone is talking about, including us now.

Here’s the facts: Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell filmed his teammate Nick Young talking about sleeping with younger women. Young just happens to be engaged to pop star Iggy Azalea and this video shows him admitting to cheating on her. I’m sure you knew all that already though.

So what was Russell thinking? How dense can he be? He’s twenty years old not seven. You don’t snitch man. When a buddy tells you about his indiscretions you silently judge them but you keep that shit to yourself. You can’t let that get out. You have to have his back. You can’t tell anybody. It’s guy code.

Russell has come out and said that he did not post the video. Do you think that makes it better D’Angelo? How dumb are you? Of course that video is going to get out whether you post it or not. There’s no such thing as deleting anything anymore. Once it’s filmed, it’s out there forever. The only way to avoid situations like this is to never film at all. Can you resist that urge to take out your phone next time?

Russell isn’t the only bad guy in this. Let’s not excuse his behavior either. But it’s no surprise. That’s just what we have come to expect from athletes on the road. This doesn’t make Russell any less of a shithead. Now onto the on the court analysis of this scandal.

The Lakers are a pathetic basketball team. I think they’ve been eliminated from the playoffs since before the start of the new year. But Russell is their most talented player. As a rookie, he’s had his ups and downs as expected, but he’s shown he has a bright future at just twenty years old. But is that future not going to be with the Lakers? He seems to have lost all respect and trust from his teammates. Can he possibly lead this team in the future when everybody hates him? Well, Kobe was able to do it.

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