Day Hikes That Kick Your Ass: Havasu Falls

Tony prides himself in being a man of excellence. Excellence does not come easy. Truth might be you need a kick in the ass every once in awhile to gain such excellence. Tony got knocked right on his ass and this was the hike that did it.

Don’t underestimate when I tell you that on the end of this trail is paradise! You will see the most beautiful falls in the world. Also don’t underestimate when I tell you that you will walk through hell to see them. Tony presents to you a hike that will kick your ass: Havasu Falls.

Now when you hear Havasu Falls most of you bastards think of some easy drive to a lake where you get smashed with your college buddies. Is Uncle Tony right? This is not that place. This is not smash time.

Havasu Falls is located in Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona. Sounds like “B.F.E.” am I right? When you’re driving out there wondering where are we? Why are there random cows running on the road? Will I get reception out here? You’re almost there. Well the trailhead at least.

In reality, the hike is located near the South Bend of the Grand Canyon. This hike is roughly 20 miles round trip depending how far you go. I cannot stress bring a crap load of H2O.

Like Tony said, “Paradise!”

It starts with a steady descent around 2 miles, then a solid 8 miles to the town of Supai. From the town, you have about a mile hike to the first falls. Then roughly 2 miles in between each fall. There are a total of 4 falls! Check them out!

Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Now getting there is the easy part. Leaving is what will make you beg for help. Depending on how far you went down the rabbit hole, you might be looking at 12 miles in water soaked underwear and socks. And remember that nice breezy decline you started with? Think at the end of 10 miles you look up and that sweet beautiful decline becomes a bitch of an incline. Like Tony said, “you are walking through hell.”

Best places to lodge around Havasu Falls

  • Havasupai Lodge: Located in Supai. Good luck getting a room here! They are always booked and they are old school. No online, you must phone in your reservation. Yes, you read that correctly. One could say that phone keeps ringing and ringing
  • Anywhere in Tusayan, AZ near the Grand Canyon entrance. It is roughly 35 miles away so you will need to be leaving earlier.
  • Anywhere in Peach Springs. Roughly, this town is 20 miles out from the trailhead. You will need to leave earlier.

Best time to hike Havasu Falls:

  • Early Spring
  • Late Fall
  • Winter

If you go during the summer, you best be camping for a couple days.

Tony’s Tips for Havasu Falls Day Hike:

  1. Watch out for killer cows on the road. Serious note, cows just run on the road you drive in on. Take this warning seriously. Your Carl’s Jr. Double Western Bacon wants revenge.
  2. Enjoy paradise. Yes this hike will suck at times, but live in the moment when you get to the falls. You will sit there and wonder if this is the most beautiful site you have ever seen. Probably because it is.
  3. Bring water! Like a shit ton!
  4. If you want to enjoy some time at all of the falls, start your day at 4 AM or 5 AM.
  5. Bring your water shoes for cliff jumping
  6. Bring snacks. You will be hungry.
  7. Make a reservation!
    • Without reservation for a day hike: $88! (Might change)
    • With a reservation for a day hike: $44! (Might change)

Other Hikes around Havasu Falls:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Red Rock


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