Deadpool Kills Box Office Records but What’s Next for the Character?

Deadpool, the latest super hero movie, broke all kinds of box office records. It had the biggest Friday opening and opening weekend for R-Rated movies. It also set the record for highest opening in February. Rejoice Nerds! You were right. If Hollywood just made Deadpool the right way it would be a hit. After making so much money it’s inevitable we’ll see the character again on the big screen, but how?

Deadpool, the comic book character, is part of the Marvel universe. But, as I’m sure you’ve all heard before, Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights to all of the Marvel comic characters. Deadpool’s movie rights are owned by Fox. He’s included with X-Men. So is Deadpool an X-Men?

Not exactly, but he is a mutant. He was given mutant powers including a regeneration ability similar to Wolverine. So is Deadpool in the new X-Men movie coming out in a few months? No, that movie takes place in the 80’s and Deadpool takes place in the present day. Is Deadpool part of the X-Men movie universe? Unclear.


One of the characters in the film is Colossus, one of the most well known members of the X-Men. Colossus already exists in the X-Men movies, but is this the same Colossus? Is this the same guy we saw in X-Men: The Last Stand or were the events of that movie erased by X-Men: Days of Future Past. Confusing, right?

Fox needs to sort this all out. This May is probably the last time we see Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence in an X-Men movie. Are they going to just start fresh after X-Men: Apocalypse or what? They’ve got a hit with Deadpool, and they need a plan to not waste it.

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