Disney is Adding a Star Wars Land to its Theme Parks

Disney announced today that they will be creating a Star Wars Land at their theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando. The new Star Wars themed land will include Star Wars attractions and settings from the past and future Star Wars movies.

This is one of the biggest perks of Disney acquiring the franchise. Now the Disney parks won’t be just for children to experience their fantasies become reality, but for the millions of adult Star Wars fans as well. Disney is promising the ability to take controls of the Millennium Falcon for one of its attractions. Do you know how many guys out there want to be Han Solo? Now they can pretend they are.

The Disney parks were already a popular travel destination. Now they will be a must visit location for the millions of Star Wars fans. Expect more details to come from Disney about this big news. Good idea Disney.

Now these pictures are just artist concepts for the Star Wars lands. But if I don’t get to meet Admiral Ackbar at Star Wars Land I’m going to be incredibly disappointed with Disney. I will feel like I was tricked, deceived, perhaps trapped at their park.

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