DNP – Coronavirus Reasons

There will not be a podcast this week. No, we are not missing an episode because of “load management”. If you were unaware, Coronavirus cases are on the rise and have led to complications with our recording setup.

We’ll try to resume as soon as possible, as soon as it’s safe. But for now, there are still things to talk about. We want to give you something so here’s some takes on some of the topics we would be discussing.


Cases are increasing in many states. California, where we’re located, is just one of them. Stay home everyone. Wear a mask when you need to go out when you get groceries. This is serious. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Cam Newton Signs with the Patriots

The Pats are a really smart organization. If you’ve followed football at all in the last 20 years you know this. They make moves like this all the time. They don’t always work out though. If you hate this franchise like most NFL fans, you want this to not work out. Newton might be a shell of his former self and this could still be an upgrade from last year. The Patriots made the playoffs last year in spite of Tom Brady. Their defense is still elite. I’m worried.

J.R. Smith Signs with the Lakers

I’m onboard with this. I think everybody is. Laker fans and Laker haters are united. The team needs shooting with Avery Bradley sitting out and Smith can do that. He can also provide some important comic relief to the Orlando tournament. No one can really know how this will work and that’s why this is so fun.

Tenet Pushed to August 12

FUCK OFF Christopher Nolan. No one needs this shit right now. Look everyone, do you know how many fucking movies are out there that you haven’t seen? It’s at least 100. If you want to watch a movie you’ve never seen before just fire up one of your 14 streaming services and pick one.

What I’m Watching – Homeland Season 8

I just finished the 8th and final season of Homeland. I’m sure many of you are surprised that Homeland was still a thing and shame on you. The show burst onto the scene in 2011 and dominated the 2012 Emmy’s winning Best Drama, Best Writing, and Best Actor and Actress for Damian Lewis and Claire Danes. After a successful 2nd season most critics thought the show wore out its welcome by season 3 and many prestige TV fans stopped watching. The show reinvented itself with its fantastic 4th season and has been mostly good to great since.

The show has always been relevant, tackling fake news, controversial presidents, and Russian meddling, on top of the usual War on Terror. The 8th season wasn’t my favorite throughout but that finale made it all worth it. A decade ago, great TV shows just didn’t know how to end. But since, we’ve got great finales from shows like Breaking Bad, The Leftovers, and the Americans. I’m fine adding Homeland to that list now.

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