Does The ‘Get Out’ Movie Get Too Racist?

The first trailer for the upcoming movie, Get Out is raising concerns regarding racism, but not the common one. This movie is more along the lines of white folks are the enemy, all black people beware. While the media might want you to think that, is that the overwhelming case in the United States? Sure we have issues with police, some seem to be justified, others not so much. But that’s one tiny component of the issue. Assuming the issue is the whopping majority of white people are racist against black people. Let’s pause to watch the trailer.


So how was that? At the end of the day it’s a movie, it’s going to show things to paint a narrative in hopes of sparking exactly what they want…. free press. A move right out of Donald Trumps playbook. So assuming this is on a level that people have actually experienced (minus the weird killing or whatever is going on with them) can anyone relate to this?

Do you think this is going too far for what it is, or is the world blowing it all out of proportion?

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