Domhnall Gleason is Having a Pretty Good Year

Irish actor Domhnall Gleason has had himself a good year. I don’t mean he’s having a great 2016 (although I’m sure he’s had a nice new year). I’m saying the last twelve months have been amazing for the young actor. He’s still not a name everyone knows, but you should now, especially after this recent stretch of movies he’s been in.

Early in 2015, Domhnall starred in the indie sci-fi movie Ex Machina. In it he plays a young programmer invited by the CEO of the company to test a new product at his remote cabin. The result is a thrilling, funny, thought provoking, captivating film. If only it were released later in the year it might have gotten more than two Oscar nominations. Gleeson and his co-star Oscar Isaac were wonderful together and I can only hope we see them act together again.


Just a couple months ago Domhnall was second billed in the period drama, Brooklyn. Brooklyn happens to be nominated for three academy awards including best picture. No nomination for himself, but second billed in a best picture nominated movies isn’t too bad.


Just over one month ago there was a film that was released that has been pretty successful. And Domhnall Gleason was in it. You saw the new Star Wars, right? Remember that evil military guy with the red hair? The guy who gives that Hitler inspired speech before blowing up a bunch of planets. That was General Hux and he was played by Domhnall.


Now how did he get a part in the legendary franchise? He accompanied his new friend and Ex Machina co-star, Oscar Isaac, to an audition for some secret movie. They liked Domhnall too and he ended up getting a part. Their characters never get to interact but there’s still two more movies left.

Those three movies would make for a great year alone but Domhnall still had one more movie release in 2015. Opening on Christmas Day in limited release, then wide release on January 8th, was Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant. In it, Gleason plays Captain Andrew Henry, the leader of a hunting party that leaves Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass for dead after he is mauled by a Bear. His co-stars, DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, got the Oscar nominations but Gleason was pretty good himself. The Revenant received 12 Oscar nominations altogether, most of any film this past year.


So just in the past twelve months, Domhnall Gleason has appeared in two best picture nominees, a critically acclaimed indie, and the biggest fucking movie of all time. Those four films combined for 22 Oscar nominations between them. Domhnall Gleason could go on to have a brilliant acting career, and I think he will, but it’s doubtful he’ll have a twelve month period as good as he’s just had.

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