Draftkings And Fanduel To Get Shutdown?

If you’ve turned on your TV in the past 4 months then you’re aware of what Fanduel and Draftkings are, because they have a commercial on every 2 minutes. They’re websites where you put money into your account and try to pick the best fantasy team for the week and compete against other people to win money.

Even though football is the most popular fantasy sport, both of these sites also do basketball, baseball and hockey. It was a matter of time but the feds have now caught onto these sites and are trying to shut them down saying that it’s online gambling. If you didn’t think this was online gambling before then you obviously don’t know what gambling is or you’re just in denial.



Anytime you put your money into an account with the risk of either losing it or winning more then that’s definitely gambling. The state of New York made it illegal on Tuesday to use any of these websites. Rumors have it that other states may start to do the same thing.

Obviously you guys know that we’re all about gambling (we give you picks every week and even made a guide to daily fantasy), but to think these sites weren’t gambling is foolish. If these sites do eventually get shutdown you’ll have a lot of people happy that all the commercials will come to an end and you’ll have a lot of people sad, because lets face it, these sites are fun. If this happens it’ll be interesting to see if local bookies try to somehow make it work that you can bet fantasy sports through them.


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