E3 2016 – Sony

Closing out Monday was Sony. How did they respond to Microsoft’s solid showing? Will they stay on top?

God of War

We all certainly thought this was a possibility but I think this exceeded everyone’s expectations. Is this a new Kratos or just a mature one. Either way, he’s left Greece fro Viking territory and has a young son. If Sony just wants to make all their games more like The Last of Us, that’s fine.

The Last Guardian

A release date finally. It will be out this year, sooner rather than later. Still have no idea how this game plays. I don’t know what you’re even doing. But you should trust Team Ico knows what it’s doing.

Detroit Become Human

David Cage’s (Heavy Rain) newest game is exactly what you’d expect from Cage. If you’ve played any of his previous games this will seem familiar.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Wow! This looks like it’s going to be a huge hit for Sony. This is so much more interesting than Killzone. Good job Guerrilla Games.

Resident Evil 7

This seems like a great idea. But in my little experience with VR, this might be too scary. You don’t need to play it in VR though so you can still enjoy the traditional Resident Evil experience if you want.


Sony promises 50 VR games by the end of the year. The first they showed us, Farpoint, looks like a full on first person shooter. That could be amazing in VR, we’ll see. There’s also a X-wing mission made by DICE and Criterion (Burnout series) that could be awesome as well. The last teaser was for Batman Arkham VR, which was just a voice over from the Joker, no gameplay. We have no idea what that will be.

Crash Bandicoot 

Crash is back (in skylanders). They’re also remastering the three playstation originals. Those games are 20 years old though so I’m not sure how much of a good thing that is.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

New Call of Duty actually looks new. Nice to see them try something different.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV still looks really weird, even for a Final Fantasy game. This is like the 15th trailer now so I think we’ve seen enough.

Death Stranding

Darryl from the Walking Dead (Norman Reedus) wakes up naked on a secluded beach somehwere. What’s going on? No idea. This is what Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is working on after his exit from Konami. I wouldn’t expect this game any time soon.

Days Gone

So this is what Sony Bend is working on. More zombies. This seems so much like The Last of Us that it’s a little confusing why Sony would even make this. But people love zombies and this trailer was really good.


Along with a new Spider-Man movie, Sony is making a new Spider-Man game, and it’s made by Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank). I have faith they won’t screw this up.

Final Thoughts

  • I don’t think VR presents well. You really have to experience it for yourself.
  • Who’s remastering Crash? Is Naughty Dog involved?
  • What’s Sucker Punch doing? They were rumored to be doing Spider-Man.
  • Sony really smashed Microsoft this year again.
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