E3 – Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts, better known as EA, is best known for its EA Sports games, The Dragon Age and Mass Effect series from Bioware, and the Battlefield series from DICE.  Check out what they showed at their E3 conference this year:


Mass Effect: Andromeda

EA kicked off their conference with a big announcement.  I think we all knew there would be a new Mass Effect but we didn’t know when.  The game is still a long ways away but it’s alright to be excited.

Need for Speed

Everyone could see this coming.  The popular racing series will not take two years off.  The game looks really beautiful and I’m sure it will be fun.  However, I’m not sure what will be all that new.


What? A new game that’s not from an existing series.  Unravel is a concept platformer from a smaller game studio.  It somewhat reminds me of the LittleBigPlanet series.  Could be fun but it won’t be a huge game.

EA Sports

NHL 16


NBA Live 16

Madden 16

Nothing new to see here.  If you’re a fan, you’ll buy these games.  There’s some new features and probably some minor graphical improvements.  No surprises.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

We knew DICE was working on another Mirror’s Edge game as they announced it last year.  This is the first look at the game though.  Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be a prequel to the first person free runner.

EA knew to hold back their most anticipated game for last.  We were given a teaser a couple months ago but we saw no gameplay.  For those who were worried this would just be Battlefield: Star Wars you shouldn’t be.  Not because that’s not true but because Battlefield is a well made shooter.  Battlefront does look a lot like Battlefield but there are differences.  Battlefront will allow you to use the first person and third person view and there are special characters you can play as, like Luke Sywalker and Darth Vader.  This should be a huge hit.


EA’s conference went as expected.  For all the hate they get, they do make some nice games and the upcoming years look bright.  They take a low risk strategy by sticking to their popular franchises but that should keep fans happy.

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