Elon Musk’s Hyperloop and a Cheaper Tesla?

Elon Musk seems to be the main person propelling us into the future. He gave us the best electric car, he’s trying to get us to space, and now he’s also trying to get commuters from LA to SF in about 30 minutes. If you’re not near California, that’s roughly a miserable 7 hour drive. With miles upon miles of cow shit to smell as well. I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to avoid that trip?

Musk introduced his concept of the Hyperloop back in 2013 and people were both amazed and skeptical. They didn’t know what to think other than this will never happen. However, almost immediately two companies were created, both dedicated to making this marvel of a future a reality.

The cars will rocket through tubes similar to those pneumatic tubes that you used to see at banks. You might remember that scene in Tommy Boy where Rob Lowe loses his shirt. It will be like those tubes, just a little more advanced.


These cars will move at about 760 MPH. That’s about three times faster than the fastest bullet train on the planet! Since this is a private company and not the government it’s supposed to cost less too. An estimated ten+ billion less. If all goes as planned you can expect to see this beauty connecting the two cities by 2029.

You’re probably thinking about that train the great government of California has been talking about for like 40 years… remember. It’s still not close to ready. Is Musk going to make the state look bad and have the Hyperloop out before we even see the Bullet Train? We’ll see.

Musk is rapidly changing the way people travel, Tesla is currently for the more well off, however, they are developing a new more cost effective Tesla with a price point of $35,000. The Tesla Model 3 is quickly becoming one of the most exciting cars we’ve never seen. The brand confirmed the new car and price today and will be showing it off March 31st.

It won’t be coming out the following September like iPhones though. You can expect to see the car available late 2017, if you can get your hands on it that is. Musk stated that the higher level Model 3s will be more readily available to start. So don’t complain about the base model being unavailable, he might yank your order.



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