End of the world or Pokemon Go?

It’s either a Michael Bay film from behind the scenes or there is a charizard in the streets of Taiwan. Yes, it was the second one, watch thousands of virgins chasing something as mythical to them as a G spot. It’s been a solid month of this bullshit game and it has hardly slowed down.

On the bright side, you can expect teen pregnancy numbers to drop. No Pokemon playing guy is going to show any girl his Pikachu. So that’s good, less teen moms right? Well, think about a month or so down the road when this is over…. the kids have run hundreds of miles more than they would have just swiping right on Tinder. So, they’ve shed the pounds. Now, that girl might very well want to jump in the sack with him. This whole thing could very well back fire.

Why we must bring everything from the 90s back is beyond me. This was a game for chubby kids who couldn’t play a sport. Are you telling me in the 20 or so years they have yet to make a new version of that for the fat kid of today? I call bullshit.




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