ESPN’s True Colors Revealed With Erin Andrews

The Erin Andrews peephole incident from 2008 is in trial finally. I’m sure you remember this but in case you “don’t recall”, a perverted stalker, Michael David Barrett, rigged a camera in the peephole in the door at the Marriott she was staying at. So, in the wrong here, obviously the freakazoid, Barrett, the hotel for being so mediocre with their security, but who is also looking like an absurd company… ESPN.

ESPN told Erin in order to return to reporting she’d have to appear on TV to talk about the incident… of course to show it wasn’t a Kardashian stunt. They told her to go on Good Morning America, a show owned by Disney, and if you didn’t know… so is ESPN. You might say synergy right…Going for a ratings boost off of an invasion of privacy is hardly kosher. Especially when you’re requiring her to appear on TV to show it’s not a publicity stunt on Erin Andrews part… Andrews instead, went on Oprah to spill the beans regarding this atrocious  act. EPSN hasn’t commented yet, since they are probably pulling their attorneys together to make the most bland statement possible.

In an earlier incident in 2011, Erin allegedly witnessed an ESPN exec jerking it on a plane next to her… wow, ESPN you guys are on your game over there…

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