Does Everybody Want to See Everybody Wants Some!!?

They Should. Everybody Wants Some!! is the newest film from Richard Linklater, the oscar nominated director of School of Rock and Boyhood. Linklater describes his newest movie as a spiritual successor to one of his earliest works, the 1993 cult classic Dazed and Confused. What exactly does that mean? Well, both movies are about young people, they’re both comedies, they’re both set in the past, and they’re both named after songs. I think we should just take Linklater’s word for it. He made the movie.

Everybody Wants Some!! is about a group of college freshman baseball players in the 1980’s. I guess I see the connection there. But can this movie really come close to the near perfection of Dazed and Confused? The early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and there’s no reason to doubt Linklater as he’s been doing amazing work these last few years. If you need more convincing maybe you should just watch the trailer.

You might have noticed that you don’t recognize anyone in this movie. You would have said the same thing when Dazed and Confused came out and that movie has the Batman in it. I think we should give these unknowns a chance.

Everybody Wants Some!! comes out today in limited release but you’ll probably have to wait until April 8th to find it in your local theater.

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