Everything we know about iPhone 7 and more!

There are new rumors regarding the iPhone 7 nearly every day. Yesterday, we finally received confirmation that the event will be held on September 7th. That’s just around the corner. So what can we expect and what rumors can we trust? Let’s take a look at the alleged upgrades in the forthcoming phone.

OLED Screen

Rumors of three phones have been circulating, a standard 7, a 7 Plus, and a 7 Pro. The larger phone, maybe just the pro (if that’s real), is thought to feature an OLED screen which packs far better resolution than any retina display. The nerd world is also speculating that that pro will have a curved screen. Similar to the Galaxy Edge.

Can we actually expect all that? The idea of a “pro” phone has been on the back burner lately. That rumor seems to be losing steam. As for an OLED screen on a curved screen? Certainly not ruled out.

No Headphone Jack

This seems to be legit. Yes it sucks, but remember when they decided to make a lightning port… yeah, we got through that, we will persevere through this one too. Besides, with the loss of the headphone jack we gain a couple great additions.

The phone can be thinner. If you look at a 6 or 6s now, the only reason it’s as thick as it is is due to the headphone jack. This also allows the screen to be longer, again that headphone jack ends about the spot the screen starts… wonder why?  Possibly the best reason to ditch that jack. The phone is much easier to water proof without it too. Sure other phones are “water resistant” and still manage to have the headphone jack. But, it’s not an iPhone.

What does this means for your headphones? It means headphones will plug into lightning port with an adapter or they are bluetooth. Apple is expected to release a new set of wireless earbuds. But sold separately.

Dual Camera

This is only anticipated for the plus model. The smaller phone will have an improved camera, but nothing like this.

With the dual camera it will take DSLR quality photos by taking two images and stitching them together. Your Instagram pics are getting a face lift.

Home Button Changing

This isn’t a big deal for most. It’s expected to be departing the phone all together in a year or so. This will be a pressure sensitive pad without moving parts – less likely to break. probably a space saver as well

The Lesser Stuff

You might live to see a blue iPhone! Probably not… but maybe! It’s looking more like a black iPhone will be back. But, you hide the color of the phone with a case… so who cares? Apple is also finally telling the 16 GB iPhones to hit the bricks. 32 GB is the new norm.

It’s not just an iPhone event…. there will be a new Apple Watch that you still don’t need…

Apple Watch Number 2

Expected to basically be the same with a couple added health sensors.

Still not worth it…

You can also expect a new, pretty impressive Macbook Pro. No need to get into that though. Look, it will be a better computer than what you’ve got now. But, if you upgrade the innards of nearly any Mac…. it’ll last you 10 years. So, you probably don’t need it.

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