Family gives man their daughter as payment

“How would you like to pay for this?”

“Will you take a daughter?”

It’s about as strange as it can get. The Stoltzfus family was on the verge of losing their farm until creepy guy, Lee Kaplan stepped in. Here’s my question which they don’t seem to answer, how much money did he give them? Let’s just call a spade a spade, Kaplan doesn’t look like he went past getting his G.E.D. How much money could this Charlie Manson lookalike have?

Anyways, he accepted their 14 year old daughter as payment. Just like that, he had a mail order bride basically, just from Amish country. It would be 4 long years until authorities get tipped off by suspecting neighbors of Kaplan. Inside the home they would find 9 girls, as young as six months old.

Kaplan will obviously do time for this, but the Stoltzfus parents aren’t getting off the hook that easy. They are being charged as well.

Good god, what is wrong with people? This isn’t the 18th century. That’s today’s dose of strange. 

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