The Final ‘Good Day Sir!’ RIP Gene Wilder

Every kid growing up loved Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. It was a staple in every young kids life. At the heart of it was a magical man who led the Oompa Loompa’s and created some of the greatest looking candy ever. Today, that magical man, Gene Wilder, died. We wanted to thank you for making some wonderful movies and showcasing your talents every time that camera started rolling. From his amazing role in Blazing Saddles, to his breakout role in The Producers. Wilder was truly a talented man.

Sadly, we have been deprived of his talents for quite some time as he retreated from the entertainment industry after the passing of his wife Gilda Radner (an original SNL cast member) in 1989. His last film appearance was in 1991’s Another You with his frequent co-star Richard Pryor. However, Wilder did not retire from being an artist as he would write a memoir, three novels, and a collection of short stories since last appearing on the big screen.

When a famous person passes, we’re left with the work they shared with us. And that’s what we leave you with.


Gene Wilder

1933 – 2016

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