First 100 days of Trump

Here is the deal. The guy won. He is in office. You are all freaking out like he has the finger on the trigger and he’s just going to end us all. From someone who didn’t vote for the guy, lets sit back and see what he does. Donald Trump just released a video on the his plan on his first 100 days. Watch the video then I’ll give you my take from an economic and a market perspective. Use this information and opportunity to play devil’s advocate in your next hacky sack circle.

Putting America First

Now some other publications say that nationalist thinking over globalized thinking is bad, because we live in a globalized world where things are made everywhere and we are reliant on others for trade. Yes this is true, but the one thing other publications are not saying is the uniqueness of the United States. The thing that separates us from the rest of the world; we are the buyers and also the innovators. We are ultimately the customers of the world and the inventors. We buy and innovate more than any combination of countries. So what does this mean? Well ultimately the customers dictate what businesses thrive and which businesses die. If countries don’t want to play by our rules, fine, we won’t buy from them, I’m up for it.

Think about this, besides American products being outsourced to another land, losing the jobs and the GDP for this country, they are producing these products not to our standards. What do I mean? Well google the stories about Chinese workers trying to commit suicide while building iPads, China devaluing their currency, or stories of Detroit being a ghost town now because auto industries move to Mexico because their wages are lower. These are just some of the negatives, but there are much more.  So the end game will either be, the products are then moved back here to be built by us again or countries are going to be forced to comply with our rules.

Cutting of lobbying and corporate money in politics

There is one awesome thing, I think, Trump said, that no other president has ever said. He’s going to end multinational corporate lobbying in Washington and put five years between when a politician can lobby. Trump also mentioned, on another date, he wants to implement term limits for congress. This is huge people. This will not only stop career politicians and replace them with actual activists for this nation, but the combination of limiting the time for a person to switch from congress to the lobbying industry will sever connections to politicians. Think about this, a politician now, can spend years in congress and build relationships, as soon as they leave office, they are able to get a lobbying job because of their connections. With these two actions taken, it will self regulate congress, riding it of thieves.  It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on, we all can agree the majority of our problems coming out of  Washington is a result of lobbying . Isn’t this ultimately what we all want, get money out of politics? I’m sorry, but I think that’s 80% of our problem.

American Energy

Another thing that may get  your panties in a bunch, is the expression of deregulation of the oil industry.  If you listen carefully though, he isn’t returning us to the 1920s where there is no regulation. Right now the US has more regulations and more red tape the most countris, especially the ones big oil is present. What he is implementing is for politicians to think long and hard about regulations and what is effective and necessary, before adding more red tapered tape.

Just one example of this is the blue filter for diesel trucks in California. You probably don’t know about this, but diesel trucks now by mid 2020s have to have a secondary filtration system installed on their trucks. Problem is the systems cost up to $11,000 to install.  So businesses are now, large or small, most likely having to purchase a new truck with the system already on, bad for economic growth.  This may sound good to save the planet, but this ain’t the case. These trucks run on a liquid called, Diesel exhaust fluid. It costs much more for vehicle maintenance, and the kicker, it is made and completely out of mammal urine and distilled water.  With projected sales to reach $1 billion for this urine and water, smells a lot more like bullshit, actually, bullpiss. Remember propaganda is a two-way street and there are people making billions on the “go green” effort.  Not every idea is a good idea.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter if he passes a stupid regulation or deregulates something “crucial”, if its that bad, it can be changed in four years. Bottom line, ending lobbying will leave a legacy for the future. Anyone to reverse it, will be a red flag to the public.

I say give this guy a chance.

What do you think?


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