Florida State QB Punches Girl

On June 24th red shirt freshman De’Andre Johnson was out at a nightclub in Florida with some friends, when things got out of control. According to reports, Johnson shoved his way up to the bar and the girl sitting at the bar didn’t appreciate it.

According to Johnson’s lawyer, the girl kicked him in the knee and then said a racial remark towards him, and right after was when she threw a punch at him. Johnson retaliated by punching her right in the face. Florida State University was aware of the incident, but just like the Ray Rice situation once the video leaked it was all over for Johnson. Once the university saw the video they took no hesitation and dismissed Johnson.

Johnson was a red shirt freshmen and was a sensation at a Jacksonville high school and was expected to compete with a couple other quarterbacks in replacing the shoes of recent #1 overall pick Jameis Winston. I think this will end up being a blessing in disguise for Florida State, because if he couldn’t handle a drunk girl at a bar, how was he going to expect to be able to handle quarterback duties for a big time school? I understand she kicked him in the knee and said something racial towards him, but trust me, he would’ve heard MUCH worse on the football field.

Who is going to be the Seminoles quarterback this year then? Former Notre Dame QB Everett Golson just transferred to Florida State this may and now has the best chance to become their new quarterback.

So just remember, no matter how much of a bitch she is, or if she hits you, you’re NEVER going to win if you hit a girl, ever. Regardless of what Deacon Jones tells you!


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