Forget your usual road trip vacation this summer, take a cruise!

Road trips are fun, so is the Southwest flight out to San Francisco or Austin. But why not try something new? Like a weekend cruise! It’s the best of all worlds; destination, room, all you can eat food, and another hidden gem many don’t think about…like the vacation ends at the same time for everyone. Let that sink in… for the single folk that’s a big winner (I know you shouldn’t say sink when talking about boats but too late). Everyone goes home at the same time, means everyone goes hard in the paint at the same time. And besides, road trips come with traffic!

Face it, you drive up the coast and check into your hotel room. You’re bound to meet someone that you’d definitely swipe right on, but in real life. Problem is they are getting there as you’re leaving. That’s not an issue aboard the cruise ship. For those of you who have a significant other, think about the fancy dinners that are included in the trip cost. Think about the pool parties that don’t break the bank, no need to rent the day bed.

When you wake up, you’re at your destination. No extra driving, no hassle of checking into multiple hotels, no airports… well, if you already live near a port. It’s the best of all worlds, rolled up into a 1,000 foot, 100,000 tons of a floating oasis.


Sure, some of the ships hit rough patches. Carnival for one has had some issues with plumbing and food poisoning. But that’s a couple bad apples, don’t let them spoil the whole batch. Personally, I’ve taken a dozen or so cruises and if you pick the right ship and the right season it’s going to be a trip for the books.


Cruise lines to consider and one’s to avoid. Hands down, Royal Caribbean is the belle of the ball. Unfortunately, you will mostly see them in Texas and back east nowadays. Long Beach ports are dominated by Carnival and Princess.  I think you know the clear cut winner of those two. Unless you’re a grandmother f**ker…

So, cancel that Airbnb if you can and check out Expedia for some cruise deals! Also, lucky credit card holders get discounts, just check out your credit card site. Not to mention AAA, they actually do give some good rates on cruises too!

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