Furious 7 Tribute

Paul Walker Tribute

I have yet to see Furious 7, but now, I just might have to. After 6 movies I thought the taste for another racing movie would’ve gotten bland long ago, but Fast and Furious 7 took the movie world by storm over the weekend. It had one of the greatest box office debuts of all time, and reviews that stated it is easily the best of the franchise. It seems that people cannot help, but pay their respects to Paul Walker. The emotional ending has been written about by many, and also posted by several channels on YouTube. It is the franchises salute to Paul for his work as Brian O’Conner, in the films, but also as a dear friend to every cast member that built a friendship over the years. Here is the ending scene for Furious 7, it doesn’t contain many spoilers so feel free to give it a look. Please excuse the quality as it is mirrored and the best one I could find. RIP Paul Walker.


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