Get Ready For Marshmallow

Google announced today that the next version of the Android operating system will be known as Marshmallow.  If you’re unfamiliar with Android’s naming scheme, all their OS versions are named after desserts in alphabetical order.  The current version of Android is called Lollipop, before that it was KitKat, and before that Jellybean.  Now we’re at Marshmallow.


Who cares about the name though.  What is it?  Marshmallow is a completely new version of Android.  It will be Android 6.0 not just an update to the existing 5.0 known as Lollipop.  OK, when does it come out?  What’s different? We don’t know yet but it should be out soon.  We don’t know about all of the improvements yet either but there are rumors.

  • Improved fingerprint implementation
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Better voice control integration
  • New App Drawer
  • New Lock Screen

I’m sure there will be other improvements we don’t even know about yet.  There will be more news the closer we get to an actual release date.

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