Is ‘Get Out’ Really This Good

There’s a new movie out today called Get Out. It’s a horror/comedy¬†written and directed by Jordan Peele of the Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele. It’s also getting universal praise. With 95¬†critics weighing in, Get Out is sitting at 100%. Yes, 100. Not 92, not 96, not even 99. 100! For comparison, The Godfather has a 99%.

Can it really be this good? When we first saw the trailer last October we had concerns. Would the film rely too much on its racial component? Would it be too preachy in its message about race relations? Would the horror elements have any bite with such an outlandish, clearly satirical premise? Would the humor fall flat for less “woke” viewers?

If you know nothing about this movie, please watch the trailer before proceeding.

I think the 100% rating should lay to rest most of these concerns. All the reviews are saying it is a genuinely scary movie and it’s auteur’s comedy background is very noticeable. This can’t just be a case of reviewers liking a move just because they want to show everyone how they agree with its message. This is 100%. That’s everyone who has reviewed saying they at least liked it. And with 95 critics weighing in so far, we can conclude that this is at the very least a good movie.

But is it great? 100% just means 100% liked it, not that they loved it. It’s very possible that critics are rating it a bit better than they would otherwise. But that might explain 10% maybe. A 100% indicates a classic, a Best Picture contender. If it really is a future classic, I don’t think it would be coming out in February. So it’s probably not a 100%. It’s not The Godfather.

However, it must be very good. This is not the liberal media colluding to make a below average movie look good. That won’t get to you 100%. If that’s what you’re thinking, that these reviews aren’t honest, that this movie can’t possibly have earned this score, maybe you have bigger issues with race than you think.

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