How Good Were Our 2015-16 NBA Season Predictions – Eastern Conference

The 2015-16 NBA regular season has finally come to a close. Now we can look back at our predictions made before the season and gloat about what we got right and make excuses for what we got wrong. First we start with our Eastern Conference predictions.

The Eastern Conference was pretty predictable. Cleveland would have the best record, the 76ers would continue to be a disaster, and there would be a bunch of teams in the middle. But let’s look at every individual team starting with the worst, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Philadelphia 76ers


Projected Record: 24-58

Actual Record: 10-72

Off By: 14 Games


Brooklyn Nets


Projected Record: 32-50

Actual Record: 21-61

Off By: 11 Games


New York Knicks


Projected Record: 29-53

Actual Record: 32-50

Off By: 3 Games


Milwaukee Bucks


Projected Record: 45-37

Actual Record: 33-49

Off By: 12 Games


Orlando Magic


Projected Record: 31-51

Actual Record: 35-47

Off By: 4 Games


Washington Wizards


Projected Record: 44-38

Actual Record: 41-41

Off By: 3 Games


Chicago Bulls


Projected Record: 45-37

Actual Record: 42-40

Off By: 3 Games


Detroit Pistons


Projected Record: 36-46

Actual Record: 44-38

Off By: 8 Games


Indiana Pacers


Projected Record: 42-40

Actual Record: 45-37

Off By: 3 Games


Charlotte Hornets


Projected Record: 32-50

Actual Record: 48-34

Off By: 16 Games

Boston Celtics


Projected Record: 43-39

Actual Record: 48-34

Off By: 5 Games


Atlanta Hawks


Projected Record: 53-29

Actual Record: 48-34

Off By: 5 Games


Miami Heat


Projected Record: 46-36

Actual Record: 48-34

Off By: 2 Games


Toronto Raptors


Projected Record: 51-31

Actual Record: 56-26

Off By: 5 Games


Cleveland Cavaliers


Projected Record: 55-27

Actual Record: 57-25

Off By: 2 Games

Best Picks

Chicago Bulls – We were not as high on the Bulls as most people, picking them to win just 45 games while the Vegas over/under was 49.5.

Toronto Raptors – While we were 5 games off their actual win total, we did pick them to win 50 games while Vegas had their over/under at just 45.5.

Worst Picks

Philadelphia 76ers – It’s not like we thought the 76ers would be good. We had them tied for the worst record. We just didn’t know that they would be one of the worst teams of all time.

Charlotte Hornets – In our defense, no one thought the Hornets would be this good. Who could have known that Kemba Walker would discover a 3 point shot in his fifth year?

Brooklyn Nets – I don’t know why we didn’t see the Nets being as horrible as they were. This was the biggest difference we had with the over/under that we did worse on.


Our projected win totals were off by an average of 6.4 wins. The teams’ over-unders coming into the season were off by an average of 6.36, so we were about even with the betting markets. Not bad but not great either.

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