Is it a good idea to fool around with your co-worker?

You are stuck in close quarters with your coworkers. You’re bound to strike up some sort of crush at one point or another. Should you act on it? There are many factors to take into consideration. In many cases the juice is worth the squeeze, then again, and many, many more cases… it’s not! You just have to factor a few things in.

Let’s get out of the way the part timers, the department store workers, and all of that type of shit. Do you really need confirmation? You’re making dick, go get some ass. This is assuming you’re equal in rank. Don’t be that douche manager who never left the town you went to high school in who’s just banging all the newly 19 year old community college part timers. That manager is an asshole, BOLO for that mofo. (work terminology…)

As for the full timers, that’s a little different. Particularly the office folk, sure plenty of people got some action on the hit show The Office. But that’s not your life. If you go after someone and you’re a higher up, it will more than likely be like Michael and Holly…. one of you’s getting transferred. 

If you’re a middle level or lower employee, use extreme caution; if you want to keep your job anyways. You go out on a limb in the shape of a boner and you can get not only cut real quick but you can see a lawsuit ensue. If you’re going to go for it, make sure it’s obvious, make sure she’s into it, make sure she’s single. That last one might surprise some of you, but i’ve seen many dudes strike out on a married co-worker… we really are oblivious to things like rings and what not.

If you’re going to make a move that’s great, just never… ever… and I do mean ever, get what they call a work wife. That’s what the chubby kid with the cheerleader best friend would be called too… it also means you’re not ever going to split that ass. If you weren’t following along.

A lot of people wonder about dating or hooking up with a roommate. Basically the same rules apply… do you like living there, do you want her to live there too? Then don’t do it. Yeah the sex will be great for a little while, then what. She brings back a dude or you bring back a slam piece… good goddamn luck with that. One of you is going to lose it and a fight will erupt. So, keep your bedroom empty of roommates. Unless it’s say just a summer rental or one of you is moving out sooner or later. Then go to town! 

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