What Got Kate Upton So Mad?

Today the MLB announced the AL Cy Young winner. For those of you who don’t know what that award is, it goes to the best pitcher in baseball in the American League and the man who won the award this year was Boston Red Sox Pitcher Rick Porcello. Porcello had a very good season going 22-4 with a 3.04 ERA and 189 strikeouts. Verlander, on the other hand, went 16-9 with a 3.15 ERA and 254 strikeouts. Verlander also had a better WHIP (walks and hits per inning) than Porcello and also had opponents batting only .207 on him, while Porcello had batters batting .230 against him.

In my opinion it’s obvious why Porcello won and it’s because of how good his record is, and I think that’s stupid. The record for a pitcher literally doesn’t mean SHIT. Porcello was on one of the best hitting teams in MLB history this season, while Verlander was on a team that missed the playoffs. What should determine this award is actual pitching performance, which Verlander had better than Porcello. What ended up screwing Verlander over was that two writers didn’t even have him down as a contender for the award this year. The ironic thing is that Porcello didn’t even have any first place votes!

This is where Kate Upton comes into play. Kate Upton who is engaged to Justin Verlander let her opinion known on Twitter with these tweets.


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