Guilty of Deflated Balls

The “Deflategate” Investigation has come to a close. Ted Wells has come to the conclusion that Tom Brady was “generally aware of inappropriate activities” by two team employees that resulted in the deflated balls from the AFC Championship game. The report also confirms that ownership, coaching staff, and the equipment manager had no knowledge of what was going on. Wells found that Jim McNally and John Jastremski “participated in a deliberate plan to circumvent the rules by releasing air from Patriots game balls.” Owner, Robert Kraft issued an immediate statement saying that he is disappointed by the conclusion of the report, and that it also lacked hard evidence of purposely deflating the footballs. NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell said that NFL Vice President Troy Vincent and his team will review the report and come to conclusions on appropriate disciplinary action, and whether any rule changes are necessary.

At the time of the scandal Brady had said that he would never do anything to break the rules that are in place, and that he believes in fair play. Tom Brady is 37 years of age and is facing the back-end of his career. Any punishment will have a tremendous effect on that and his team. Let us know what you think the punishment should be in the comments.

Here is the first part of Tom Brady’s January press conference regarding the deflated balls:


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