Same Guy Attacks Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian In Milan And Paris

In case you missed it, another reason to love Gigi!

A few days ago at fashion week in Milan Gigi and Bella were leaving the show, of course in a herd of people snapping selfies with the hottest woman of 2015. One trendy guy got more than a little handsy with the model. He picked her up, not sure what he thought would be the outcome. I do know a guy who uses that as his move to try and win over a girl. Maybe that was his thought process too.

Of course it backfired and he awoke from his perverted dreams with a supermodels elbow to the face. The trendy wierdo then vanished into the distance. In most places, a guy dressed like him would be a pretty recognizable thing. But remember, they were at fashion week in Milan…. We couldn’t love Gigi any more at this point, you can now add feisty to that list of attributes that make her the hottest girl of last year. Now, ask yourself this…  think she’ll keep the title in 2016?

As for Kim Kardashian West….

Just yesterday the same guy tried to kiss Kim Kardashian’s butt cheek. What is this guy’s deal? Where did he come from? Why is that stupid hat still on his head? So many unanswered questions. I used to say we should catapult some people off the planet, maybe we should just catapult them to the middle east. This guy would certainly be a contender at the beta test on that one.


It appears he’s notorious for this sort of crime. Like a shooter scenario we aren’t going to say his dumbass name. F that guy. He’s apparently done crap like this to celebrities countless times. See… my catapult idea is sounding better and better!

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