Han Solo’s Guide to Finding Love in the Star Wars Galaxy

Dating can be tough especially with such a vast galaxy of women out there. It can be a little intimidating out there. Even I’ve had my share of troubles. I’ve seen it all though and I’m here to help you out. Take my advice here and you should have a much easier time.

Never Look at the Odds

  • Worrying about the odds has never helped anyone. The way I see it, the odds are always 50/50. You either get something done or you don’t. If you spend anytime thinking about your odds they won’t be in your favor. Just get out there.

Have a Nice Ride

  • I’m not saying you should be chasing after materialistic girls but a nice ride is always impressive. You definitely don’t want to pick a girl up in some junky speeder.


  • My ride, the Millennium Falcon, doesn’t look like much but she’s got it where it counts. It’s one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. The smuggling compartments are a great place to get some alone time with a girl too.

Find a Good Wingman

  • Never go it alone. It’s always easier to break the ice with a good buddy by your side.
  • Pro-tip: Make sure your wingman isn’t as good looking as you. Maybe he’s too hairy or doesn’t speak the language or something.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shoot First

  • Don’t overthink it. Be confident. Go with what you feel. Sometimes you have to make the first move to get what you want.

Show You Love Animals

  • CHEWBACCA_STAR_WARSGirls love it when they see a guy that cares about animals. It shows you have the capacity for love. It doesn’t hurt that animals are so damn cute. Girls love that.
  • My best friend and co-pilot is an animal. He’s a Wookie which is like a man-bear-dog or something. I don’t think he’s that cute but he always makes the ladies go, “awwww”.

Have a Go-To Story

  • Don’t be boring. Women say they want to find a nice guy to settle down with but that doesn’t mean they don’t want any adventure in their lives. Make sure you have a great story to tell that shows how adventurous and interesting you can be.
  • Once you find the right one keep telling it. The more times you tell it the better the story will get.
  • I made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Did you know that? Half the ladies in the galaxy do. I’ve told that story more times than I can remember and it never bores.

Dress Well but Not Flashy

  • You want to look nice but don’t overdo it. Peacocking is a desperate man’s move.
  • Go with something simple but don’t show up looking like some poor moisture farmer. Maybe a nice vest or a windbreaker.


Don’t Discriminate

  • You can’t be too choosy. It’s a huge galaxy out there. You have to be willing to go outside your comfort zone. There are so many beautiful women, don’t be afraid to seek them out.
  • There’s women from all kinds of species to be found. Take a chance on some of them. You might find yourself surprised.
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