Here’s what Apple’s iPhone 7 is all about

Apple put their cards on the table in San Francisco yesterday morning. With uneasy investors worried about the future of the company it was a morning many wondering about. We all read the millions of pages (like 5 of our own) speculating what was going to be introduced yesterday morning. All in all they were pretty accurate (ourselves included… pat on our back real quick.) What did the non-investors think though?


Apple Watch Series 2

The nerd world was overall happy with what was presented. The new Apple Watch is the step in the right direction. Making it water resistant up to 50 meters is a giant leap forward. Partnering with Nike was a great move for the fitness nuts out there. And moving away from the multi-grand watches was a great call. These still aren’t worth it but hey, it’s getting there. For the runners out there, they finally partnered with Nike + for a solid running experience.

Apple Watch 2 nike +

iPhone 7

As for the iPhone. Well, it looks sharp. Bringing both black and jet black to the lineup. However, only adding water resistant. Meaning it can handle a spill for a minute or so, anything else and you might be out of luck. They ended up ditching the headphone jack due to the valuable space it takes up inside. They did however introduce some air pods which look good, probably sound good, and cost $159. All in all, it’s nothing to go nuts about but it’s also nothing to put your head down over. This was a safe and sound upgrade.

Air podsLet’s looks at the list of improvements to the phones, as well as the cost!

Water Resistance

Let’s start with the most desired upgrade. I mean what took them so long? And they are only dipping their toe in the water, pardon the pun. That’s just about as much water proofing as you’re going to get with an IP67 level. What that means is you can get buy with about a meter deep in water for a minute… give or take. But hey, it’s the step towards the real thing.


This was the big winner yesterday. Arguably best in show depending on who you are. The rear camera got a boost to 12 megapixels and the front facing camera is sitting pretty at 7 megapixels. Those of you who spring for the 7 Plus, you’re getting the better camera. The dual camera is the big deal. Packing a punch to make any Snapchat look like a cinematographer handled it.


Not much to write home about. The iPhone 7 has an average of 2 more hours of battery life over the 6S. Expect a major improvement next year… hopefully! How about those wireless “air pods” battery life? Each earpiece lasts around 5 hours. They didn’t explain how long it takes to charge them, but the case has a battery of its own. Think about this for a second. If you have to charge your phone, you have to go wireless headphones if you want to listen in ear. For instance, at work. So, you will have to pay close attention to both batteries… because the headphones won’t last a full work day.


This is good, 16 GB is gone. The new norm is 32 GB. Then it jumps to 128 and 256 GB. Not bad!


You can order yours tomorrow September 9th. The iPhone 7 goes live on September 16th.

IOS 10

You can download IOS 10 on September 13th. Click here to see what that’s all about.


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