Here’s What We Can Expect From The Google Event Tomorrow

Just as Apple’s iPhone 7 event is fading, Google is expected to announce their new smartphone. Known as the Pixels phone, we say Pixels because there will be two sizes. A 5 inch and a 5 and a half inch phone for the people waiting to compete with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Both sizes are expected to be fast, with 4 gigs of RAM it will load any application pretty quickly. It is expected to take great photos with a 12 MP camera, again on both sizes. Here’s where they are different, the smaller phone is expected to be 1080p while the larger phone is expected to be quad HD screen. You can keep your headphones with this one too, that headphone jack didn’t go anywhere.

The Pixel phone is going to be a little more expensive, starting at about $649. Not exactly cheep, but you generally get what you pay for, so that’s a good sign. Will you be lining up for this one?


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