Here’s how to use the awesome Snapchat paint update

Snapchat likes to throw out updates rather often and most of the time they are pretty rad. Whether it be a new filter or these new moments, generally an update is a good thing. Well, at some point they pushed out the paint brush feature. Nobody knows when… and when we say nobody knows we have no idea if that’s true… we just found out though!

So, let’s cut to the chase and explain what this feature does and how you can get your filthy hands on it.

  1. Inside moments, (swipe up from the main screen to access moments)
  2. tap a photo… not a video…
  3. swipe up once more to reveal options in the bottom left corner
  4. hit that pencil icon
  5. up top on the right side, tap the paint brush (paint brush is more in the center)
  6. filters will present themselves on the bottom of the photo
  7. scroll through and find your favorite
  8. enjoy and share!

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