Here’s what’s What in the Snapchat 2.0 Update

Snapchat gave the world another update and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Face swapping was and is great, but these new features actually bring important chat platforms to its users. Don’t get me wrong, face swapping with my nephew is about as awesome as a feature can get. But, nonetheless let’s have a look at the latest update from Snapchat!

Snapchat textAwhile ago, Snapchat brought chat to the app. Allowing users to communicate with one another simply by swiping left on a user’s name. Well, now in that same spot you have a few options. You can make an audio call, a FaceTime call, or just leave a message through either of those platforms.

Another update in this one, auto-advance stories. Which, as you probably guessed, moves on down the list after a snap story ends, it will just play the next. Personally, not for me. I choose which stories to watch very deliberately. But that’s just me.

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