And the A-Hole Award Goes To… Jet Blue Passenger!

He goes by the name D-bag, no, David Brackett. Yes, that’s it, this upstanding citizen was the latest to unleash his Napoleonic complex abroad a JetBlue flight headed to Sacramento. If you were wondering, he makes 4 million a year bro. And he owns homes, he might even be published in many leather-bound books! Probably not for good reasons.

Look, shit happens, people do dumb shit while they’re drunk. But do that before you get on the tiny plane. Where 157 strangers are trying to remain exactly that. Strangers. Nobody wants to hear your loud mouth nonsense.

Hopefully, this guy who’s well passed 21 where we might throw him a bone watches this in disgust. And from here on out, the Ari Gold wannabe passes on the scotch before the flight. Better make it a apple juice next trip.



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