Virtual Reality (VR) has been set to be the future of consumer technology by Oculus Rift. However, Microsoft’s HoloLens looks to compliment your current environment in ways that most headsets cannot. While VR headsets displace you from your current setting, Augmented Reality (AR) enhances it. Adding unimaginable ways to interact with current technologies with only a headset and your hands. Here is Microsoft’s first reveal of the headset back in January.


This is obviously a prerendered video and just gives a vision of what Microsoft sees their AR headset accomplishing in the future. The excitement from this video gave boundless possibilities of how we can utilize today’s technology. Imagine putting on a headset when you go home and having all your personal apps and information stored where you want it at your house. A cookbook in the kitchen, weather by the front door, and your health information in your own restroom. The ideas are endless and Microsoft is taking full advantage of making a seamless transition by using your current environment. At the end of April Microsft opened there HoloLens doors to some media members. They gave them a trial run at using the AR headset and creating their own holograms. This was the demo prior to.

The introduction video is now becoming a reality, and Tony’s Take will be looking forward to what is next for the Augmented Reality Headset. Cheers to technology and the future!



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